Wrapping Up

Final days of Ceramics classs. I hope i will be able to take more classes but i fear not. It is a shame because I quite like working in 3 dimensions. I made a bunch of porcline bowls for me mum for her birthday. i wasnt expecting the porcline to shrink so much. The pieces ended up quite small and cute, but lost some functionality limiting their uses to expresso and tea. Today during class i need to paint the rest of my bisqueware with my local clay under glaze. I belive it works best as an under glaze because something wack happens with the glaze-fit when applied to large items. It is such a strange material. On its own it looks and feels like a steel patinia but when combined with a flux and glass former, or covered with clear glaze it turns a pale green color. more tests must be run, I wonder if the life science building has a spectrometer or other such instrument inorder for us to get an elemental or mineral work up on the sediment.

I did a mistake

finally getting back into the rythm after spring break. Over the beak i threw with Porcline for the first time, heck its way easier than stone ware. I unfortuantly got a big crack in one of the Jugs for the Apoclypse project so ill need to make an

other one. My local clay as a slip turned out pretty interesting on a bonsai pot. today i am going to try the local clay in its glaze form on a cone6 porcline object.

Not much to say

Last week i didnt get much work done because we where in between sections, and we had a guest speaker for all of thursdays class. I dont really feel like the lecture should have been three hours long, considering how minimalist the speaker’s work is. I got some sketches for our new Apocalpyse project, though. I will be doing flasks that can be tied to a belt with rope. We also got out test tiles out of the kiln.

More Glaze

I came in over the weekend and got my triaxial blend done. I also made paper clay for my BFA project. In my triaxial i mixed Custard Feldspar, Silica, and Gerstrly Borate into my local clay which was the base glaze. Hopefully it will turn out glassy and naturalistic.

Unfortunatly i glazed and fired a few of my apologia project bowls and they turned out ashy and nasty probably because the slip wasnt thick enough. Next class I will have to discuss possible solutions to midigate damage when i fire my next round of bisqueware. Its a good thing I ran only a few as a test. In better news my hand built Duck made of local clay fired fine!

Base Glaze Begins

Last week we finished our test tiles and poped our fusion buttons in the toaster. I tried to make my native clay into a clay body but i didnt have enough time to let it dry on the plaster slab before a BFA critique showed up so i had to take what i had and put it in a lose bag to dry it, bu it it might be a little to wet to wedge into a shrink test. We did get the Cone 6 test from my native clay and got pretty fantastic results. I came in over the weekend and dipped my glaze progession test I also finished the blueprint for a BFA project.

Long week

Last week we had our crit. I recived good feedback on the Apologia project. The most common suggestion i got was to make larger objects since the small size of my bowls was limiting what I could draw. I belive the bowls I made and splipped last week were made before the crit, I have alot of projects going on at once so I apologize for my dizyness. After the crit we started making test tiles. I finished mine today. unforunatly the large orchid pot I made to scraffito was neglected and is now a little to dry for slipping. No worries I will just glaze it and call it practice

Last night I also dug some local clay from a creek and hopefully I can make some use for it.

Last class I applied colored slipp to my bowls. I didnt get as much done as I would have liked cause the slip took to long to dry to a work able state. unfortunatly i may have waited to long because some of my bowls may be in a state that is to dry to apply a second layer of slip. Most should be fine but I will take more caution when wrapping them at the end of the day. today im going to experiment with blending the slips to ideally achive an effect like the sunset gradient. Then I will scraffito to the dark layer below to etch in birds.

Return to ceramics

Im back in ceramics class after a half a year haitus. First day of class last teusday I made clay and I mopped the mixing room floor. Thursday I started my first project. I threw some bowls it took me a while to get back in the hang of it. Today I made a few more bowls durning studio homework hours and trimmed a bowl from last thursday. I hope this is enough for now.